DAS Event Line Array

DAS SoundForce Dance Club speaker system

The new EVENT series is a budget conscious option for portable Live sound applications or fixed installations. 

Try out the Event Array Simulator - get a rough idea of audience size and area coverage.

Watch the Video Here       The Manufacturer speaks...

DAS Event Series Rigging information

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DAS Audio Line Array speaker systems are used all over the world Check out the photos here

Line arrays have been specially designed so when several units are combined vertically the whole system behaves as one single sound source. Generally speaking that’s what makes them different from the conventional speaker systems. But how do they work? This article develops the principles behind the line array theory for a complete understanding of what line arrays are.

Author: Joan La Roda, D.A.S. Audio, Engineering Department    Download Article (PDF, 536 KB)


Powered, 2x 8”, 3-way, multipurpose Line Array System

Product Code: EVENT-208A

The DAS Event 208A Line is a three-way powered line array in a double 8inch configuration. The D.A.S...

Powered, 2x10”, 3-way Multipurpose Line Array System

Product Code: EVENT-210A

The Event 210A Line is a three-way powered line array in a double 10inch dual-band configuration whi...

Powered (by Powersoft®), ground-stacked Subwoofer

Product Code: EVENT-218A

The Event 218A dual 18inch powered subwoofer makes use of one of D.A.S. most acclaimed loudspeakers,...

2x10” 3-Way Active Stage Monitor

Product Code: EVENT-M210A

The Event M210A is a three-way stage monitor in a double 10inch dual-band configuration providing a ...

Stacking bracket for event 210A (max 4 units)

Product Code: AXS-EVENT210

Stacking frame for Event-210

$393.64 (GST Excl.)

Rigging Bumper event 208A (max 16 units)

Product Code: AX-EVENT208

Fly grid for Event 208A (max 16 units)

$941.82 (GST Excl.)

Metallic caster frame for stacking event 10A (max 4 units)

Product Code: PL-EVENT210S

Stacking transport dolly for 6 pcs of Event-210A

Rigging Bumper event 210A (max 16 units)

Product Code: AX-EVENT210

flybar for Event Series cabinets

$953.20 (GST Excl.)

Metal stacking frame for Event 208A (max 4 units)

Product Code: PL-EVENT208S

Metal dolly for stacking up to 6 u. Event 208A.

Pole mount for Event-210A onto Event 218A Sub

Product Code: TRD-6

Adjustable height speaker pole mount for the Avant 12, 15 and the Avant 118A subwoofer

$106.62 (GST Excl.)