Hire Tour Guide Audio Headset System

Our Tour Guide and Translator Headset Audio System is one of the best sounding and most reliable tour guide and translation systems available for hire.

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They operate on UHF frequencies (not VHF) for the best quality uninterrupted, fade-free Tourguide and translator audio. They are multi-channel too so you can quickly add more headsets to a tour group if needed.

They sound great - our customers love them - and you can hire them in any configuration you require.  Because they are multi-channel, multiple systems can be used simultaneously. Very easy to use - in most cases we will supply them pre configured for your hire, ready to go when you open the box.  The carry case they come in is also the charger so you pop them back in the case to recharge overnight, and for transport. Each Charger / Carry case can hold up to 30 sets.

No installation is required. These are simple to use and have a range of up to 60-70 metres (230 feet). We can usually courier you a case, with a few spares in case you get extra visitors, and you can be using them as soon as you get them.

The only limitation is you cannot use 2 (or more) transmitters to speak to the same tour group simultaneously. Each group of Tour Headphones can have only one Tour Leader / Translator or you get noise and interference making the system unusable. NB the commentary audio is one way - the audience cannot speak back to the leader.


  • LCD display-At-a-glance channel selection, battery status and function information.
  • 100 selectable channels.
  • Rechargeable-Uses 2 AA NiMH batteries.
  • Gain adjustment.
  • Belt clip allows 360° rotation / adjustment for comfort.
  • Built-in charging circuit.
  • Unique rear-lock battery compartment design.



Flexible too!

 For example, you can hire (or buy) for simultaneous use

1 x Tour Leader Microphone with 1 ~ 100 Receiver Headsets, or
2 x Tour Leader Microphones with between 1 ~ 50 Receiver Headsets each, or
3 ~ 10 Tour Leader Microphones with 1 ~ 100 Receiver Headsets listening to each Leader...

You get the idea!   The only limitation is you cannot use 2 (or more) transmitters to speak to the same tour group simultaneously.

You can run up to 18 simultaneous non-interfering tour group system / channels with our system.

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