This 2N IP Interface Kit is an OEM device intended primarily as a security interface in ATMs, carparks and lift systems, but it also has a lot of features for use in PA systems. As well as a built in amplifier to drive speakers and a microphone input it is also used as a remote IP relay to send HTTP commands on an IP network at the press of a button, or to automate various items and provide remote relay contact closure or detection.

Used as part of a 2N paging system solution it provides remote triggering of IP audio sessions and pre-recorded warning messages.

It is extremely versatile - for example if you are tired of people stealing your external school speakers then talk to us about having a (loud) message play through the speaker before they steal it. If you need duress alarm buttons, silent alarm, warnings or other messages to be played through a PA system at the press of a button, or PIR or other relay contact closure then a 2N audio over IP system can be configured for you.

It has a built in 10W amplifier, outputs for LED indicators, web interface built in, SIP 2, PoE, Mic in, line in, and speaker output connection.

SIMPLE DIN RAIL MOUNTING The 2N IP Audio Kit is suitable for mounting on a standard TS 35 DIN rail, preferably at least 14 cm long.

A WIDE RANGE OF CONNECTORS Choose from a wide range of interfaces. Hook up a microphone, speakers, headphones or keypad buttons.

SIP SUPPORT, WITH NO SERVER NEEDED With its SIP protocol support easily links with IP phones and PBX from other producers, without having to connect to the server.

TIME PROFILES This function allows you to define the time period a given telephone number or access code are valid.

REMOTE CONTROL The HTTP API allows OEM intercom systems to be easily integrated into the master system for remote administration,

USER DEFINED SOUNDS There are up to 10 user slots for uploading user-defined sounds (e.g. vocal guidance or warning messages).

ADAPTIVE VOLUME The 2N Helios IP Audio Kit automatically adjusts speaker volume based on ambient noise level.

2N Helios IP OEM Audio Kit. (PoE, SIP)

  • Product Code: 9154100

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