The 914075E Net Streamer from 2N is a new analogue to I.P. Audio Signal Converter, allowing for standard audio sources (such as CD, radio, microphone, MP3 player, etc) to be converted to an I.P. signal and integrated into a NetSpeaker audio-over-IP system. Using audio-over-IP technology, analogue audio signals can be converted for distribution over standard Cat5e/6/7 cable infrastructure via LAN, WAN or web, allowing for long distance and site-to-site signal transfer. Standard audio sources are connected to the 2N Net Streamer which will then convert the signal to IP. These IP signals are sent to a NetSpeaker Server for signal/zone control and management and then sent on to any number of on-site or off-site zones featuring a NetSpeaker or NetSpeaker Lite which acts as a Receiver / Decoder End Point. The NetSpeaker is connected either directly to a loudspeaker or additional power amplifier for larger PA systems per zone.
Integrate conventional analogue music sources into a modern I.P.-based audio system • Line or Microphone Input • Browser-based Central Management System • Use of current LAN/WAN network for signal transmission • Simple and fast installation • Simple operation Description 914075E Logic Inputs 2 galvanically isolated, sensitive to contact or current from 5 to 48V Relay Output 1 galvanically isolated, NO and NC contact, load of max. 48V, 1A Headphone Output 3.5mm jack, stereo, output of 2 x 30mW, min. impedance of 16Ohm, DR 101dB,THD+N -85dB Main Microphone Input symmetrical, XLR, integrated phantom power supply 24V, DR 88dB,~THD+N -82dB Microphone Input for Headset 3.5mm jack, integrated power supply for electret microphone, DR 84dB, THD+N -78dB Line Input 3.5mm jack, symmetrical mono or asymmetrical stereo, DR 93dB, THD+N -82dB Dimensions 220(W) × 45(H) × 140(D) mm Weight (Net) 1.00kg Weight (Gross) 1.40kg

2N - Net Streamer Analogue Audio to IP Audio

  • Product Code: 914075E

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