The 2N SIP Horn Speaker is a weather resistant outdoor speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. It is useful as a practical tool for broadcasting live and prerecorded announcements and messages across large areas, actively informing visitors, protecting your property, broadcasting information and warnings. With an Informacast license it can also receive broadcast messages. Used with security camera monitoring, if an unwelcome visitor enters a premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser. For general PA and announcements it is a high efficiency horn speaker with its own built in amplifier and PoE power supply and will quickly connect to any SIP or VoIP phone system as an extension you can make announcements through. It auto-answers when you dial its extension and you simply hang up when finished. Set it up as part of a group or individually. Product highlights: The loudest sound of all IP speakers on the market at 124dB (SPLmax) Compatibility with VMS through ONVIF (security) Planned, prerecorded or live announcements Server-free solution Easy installation with a single cable (PoE) Support for IP PBX (SIP/VoIP) Automatic audio test Noise detection built in It provides high-quality sound at high SPL via any LAN using SIP and/or VoIP.
The 2N SIP Speaker Horn is fully compatible with video management software (VMS) through ONVIF protocol and is an Informacast enabled VOIP speaker. It allows you to respond remotely to anything you see on your screen. In the event of unauthorized entry to a premises, you can use the speaker to deter the intruder (with live challenge). The 2N SIP Speaker Horn allows you to broadcast either preset or live announcements. You can schedule announcements easily with the advanced planning function. The speaker is also very easy to install simply by connecting it to an existing IP network with a PoE cable.

2N - SIP Horn Speaker - POE and amp built in, VOIP

  • Product Code: 914422E

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