Network IP audio amplifier available in various sizes from 60, 120, 240, 350 and 500 watt at 4-16O or 70V/100V output 3.4’’ LCD Screen shows working status of all speakers. Built-in DSP processor; boot / startup time is less than 1s Built-in 1 channel network audio decoder; supports TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP; transmits 16 bit CD quality audio signal. 1 AUX and 1 MIC input with independent volume controls, and overall treble and bass control. Priority: EMC> MIC> AUX and background music
Network IP audio amplifier. This amplifier can be located in a central rack and you can connect multiple ceiling speakers or outdoor horn speakers to it in parallel.

60 Watt Network amplifier - 60 watt 100v/4-8ohm

  • Product Code: T-ED7760
  • U.O.M: ea

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