Wall-mounted classroom amplifier for T-7700 IP network audio system. Two low-impedance speaker connections, 15watt stereo amplifier and IP network IP audio endpoint with Mic in and Aux in for local in-room use. 1. Wall mounted design; 3.4” LCD 2. Internal IP audio decoder; Delay is less than 100ms 3. Unicast and collected broadcast; Achieve real-time on-demand unicast from network media library, bell and alarm audio files and live and pre-recorded paging announcements 4. Built-In 2 x15W digital amplifier (4-8 ohm) to ensure sound quality (CD level) 5. 1 MIC input and 1 Line input; Supports local sound reinforcement and use for classroom sound system as well as remote (paging, bell, lockdown etc) 6. Priority: Network alarm signal> local MIC and AUX > Network BGM
IP audio endpoint and amplifier.  Install it anywhere on your network and it provides you with an "audio endpoint" - that is, it receives audio from the bell, alarm or paging system and plays it through speakers you connect. It also has a mic input and aux input for use as a "local pa system" in the classroom.

IP Network Audio Interface (2 x 15w / with LCD screen)

  • Product Code: T-ED7705S
  • U.O.M: ea

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