The Linortek BellScheduler is a desk app that allows you to automate, manage & schedule multiple Netbells whether in a single building, multiple buildings or multiple locations from one easy-to-use interface, without the need to login to each device, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy.

Whether you have one Netbell or many, you can add one or up to 500 bell schedules with only a few clicks.

Create a Device List file on your computer in csv format
You can add a single device or multiple Netbell devices to the BellScheduler by simply enter the IP address and login credentials. You can also create a CSV file with multiple devices in it to upload to the Scheduler.

Create different schedules in the BellScheduler and save as txt file on you computer
You might have a normal day schedule, a short day schedule, etc. Create a bell schedule file in the Scheduler and Save. When needed you can upload to the Bellscheduler and then upload to multiple Netbell devices with a single click. You can edit each schedule or add new ones after uploading the schedule file to the BellScheduler. Once the bell schedule is finalized, click Upload button to apply the schedules to all the Netbell devices, or to part of your Netbell devices of your choice. The BellScheduler just makes scheduling your bells incredible easy!

Download the Setup Instructions here

Automated Network Bell System – Control & Manage Multiple Bells at Multiple Locations Over A Network

Built-in remote function, manage multiple bells across multiple locations with the easy-to-use BellScheduler program

With Linortek’s remote scheduling function built into the Netbell products, we have now made it super easy to expand your timed alert system cross different locations.

Whether you have a large warehouse, separate areas that need multiple bells, or multiple buildings even they are in different locations, we have the solutions!

For locations where running additional wiring is not an option, but network is available, you can build a networked bell system. Wire the bells or buzzers to the Netbell, connect the Netbell to your network, download our Discover program to find the IP addresses from your network, download our special designed BellScheduler program, you now can setup a system over a network or Internet without the need of hard-wiring the bells to a central control station.

Network Bell System – Schedule Control Software

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