A SIP based microphone paging console with various built-in advanced functions such as broadcasting to 12 zones, two-way communication thanks to an inbuilt speaker, or playing back pre-recorded messages. All these functions are available without the need of server or distance limitations. Server-less paging to up to 12 zones Two-way communication Pre-recorded announcements
SERVER-LESS PAGING TO UP TO 12 ZONES 2N® SIP Mic uses multicast technology and sophisticated controlling mechanism enabling communication to up to 12 zones. Moreover, the microphone console- speaker connection is straight forward, no server needed. TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION Call from the 2N IP intercoms to the paging console with an inbuilt speaker thanks to SIP protocol. PRE-RECORDED ANNOUNCEMENTS Upload or record a message via the microphone and then play it by simple push of a button to a designated zone. It is an ideal solution for places where similar messages are broadcasted several times a day. EASY CONFIGURATION The zone, priorities and pre-recorded messages are simply configured via the web interface.

SIP Mic Organic, 12 button base station and Mic

  • Product Code: 914431E

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