Digital Tour Guide System

Digital tour guide system

Tour guide system for interactive tours and translation with 2-way communication

Ultra-compact, lightweight and easy to use! Your guests can interact with you and each other and ask questions, not just listen to your presentation.
They can simply push a button to ask a question, a bit like a walkie-talkie, and everyone can hear them. 
The transmitter also has an Aux connection so you can connect a phone or mp3 player for some background music during the tour OR simply play a pre recorded tour commentary or message instead of speaking. Up to 3 simultaneous tour groups can operate in the same 10x10mtr area at once without causing audible interference. If they are more than 10 metres apart you can run more at the same time.
A 3-way switch on the transmitter allows you to transmit music or recorded speech, or just the microphone, or a mixture of both.  This is great if you want some background music while you think about what to say next.
Being digital there are some handy features like automatic frequency hopping if interference is encountered (you won't know it is happening), and if a receiver pack moves out of range they get a warning beep in the ear, lithium batteries make these lightweight, and the battery life is long. Once these are set up they automatically pair when you switch them on each time.

Tourguide Transmitter Microphone 2.4GHz Digital

Product Code: DCT-611

Digital 2-way tour guide transmitter for interactive tours. Allow your guests to interact with ...

Tourguide Receiver / Microphone 2.4GHz Digital

Product Code: DCR-611

New digital tour guide headset system with 2-way communication. This is the receiver and is worn by ...

$225.00 (GST Excl.)

Metallic Tourguide Earphone / Microphone

Product Code: EHP-110

High fidelity metallic in ear Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone headphone with mic for DCT-511 mini t...

Dual Earbud for translation/ tourguide system receiver

Product Code: EC-16

Stereo earphones for wireless tourguide receivers. High quality audio, so they are also suitable for...

Ear Speaker for translation receiver

Product Code: EC-18

Single earpiece for tour guide receiver.

Stereo headset for CR-711 tour guide receiver

Product Code: EC75A

Comfortable and lightweight stereo earphones headset for the tourguide receiver packs.

Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones

Product Code: HP-1000

Designed initially for air travel comfort these headphones offer superb quality audio and a very eff...

Carry Bag for charger and 20 pcs DCR/T-611

Product Code: SB-520

Protective carry case for a charger and 20 digital tour guide sets.

Tourguide Charging Bay (charges up to 20 units)

Product Code: HC-520

Charger for 20 pcs of digital tour guide transmitter or/and receivers

AM to mini USB cable (test item for website)

Product Code: 12F0093

Mini USB charging cable. Available to charge the tourguide receivers and transmitters from a normal ...

$3.80 (GST Excl.)