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Public address, 100V line, PA paging systems, School bell and factory buzzer systems, IP Audio and speaker systems

Almost 50 years of activity in pro audio Edwards Sound Systems has acquired valuable experience in the implementation of sound reinforcement for any situation.

Audio for a Bar, Nightclub, House of worship, School, outdoor arena and for live public events or wide area paging and announcement systems - whenever reliability, sound quality and performance are requisite, Edwards Sound provides you quality products and customer oriented service.

Our company operates in New Zealand also, originally manufacturing and installing our own range of amplifiers, speakers and audio products in the 1960's, 70's and 80's, but since the 1990's Edwards Sound Systems has forged international alliances and now sources some of the finest products from around the world for our customers.

Our audio products and sound equipment are aimed squarely at permanent installation by end-users or system integrators for years of reliable and daily use.

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