State-of-the-art loudspeaker with incorporated IP audio system 2N NetSpeaker. Thanks to this combination of two products in one you get a complete IP solution for audio distribution, which will allow you to play any audio stream from any computer in your LAN/WAN network. This makes the 2N IP wall mount loudspeaker a perfect solution especially in areas where you have no audio cables installed. The IP technology the 2N IP Speaker is based on completely removes the distance limits. With this technology you can simply connect the IP loudspeaker to a network and stream audio anywhere. In addition, using the existing LAN wiring instead of more expensive audio cables makes its installation not only faster, but also cheaper. A necessary prerequisite for functioning of the 2N IP Speaker is a 2N NetSpeaker Server software application. The application manages different audio sources and streams them into all IP loudspeakers connected to the network. It will also allow you to create a separate zone from each of the 2N IP Speaker units and stream different content into each zone as necessary. You can also purchase an extra software application package, which expands the speaker's functions significantly. • Finished in white • Audio distribution anywhere, where there is an IP network • Usage of existing LAN/WAN network • Easy connection of large and very distant destinations • High level of reliability • Easy and user-friendly operation • Possibility to create separate zones with different contents • Central management of all loudspeakers • Effective dissemination of advertisements and messages • More cost effective and faster installation Perfect for use in school PA systems, paging, music and information streaming in hotels, restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, chain stores, supermarkets, health and fitness facilities, transportation terminals and waiting rooms, schools, administration premises, sports, culture and other public facilities.
Description 914033W • Impedance 8 O • Output 8W PoE / 14W 12V • Frequency range 75 Hz - 20 KHz • Sound pressure (SPL 1W/1m) 89 dB • Dimensions 250(H) x 176(W) x 143(D) mm • Colour White • Sound compression MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (MP2) • Bandwidth 32-320 kbps Stream unicast/multicast • External power source 12V DC / 2A • Power supply from LAN PoE IEEE 802.3af • Weight (Net) 2.30kg Weight (Gross) 3.00kg

2N - IP Speaker- Speaker with IP Audio Decoder

  • Product Code: 914033W

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