SPS8 8 Zone Microphone with Base

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SPS 8 (Smart Paging Station) is the result of the hardware evolution of BlueLine Digital - Paging microphone for 8 zones with 4 user configurable PRESET buttons.
CLR button to delete a selection.
AUX button to enable input signal from auxiliar line.
Alarm input (NA contact through euroblock) configurable by the user.
RJ45 input for communication and PoE supply.
Auxiliary input for supply through euroblock connector.

Used For

The SPS 8 (Smart Paging Station) is the result of the hardware evolution of BlueLine Digital, creating a multifunction device capable of working as a paging micro as well as an audio server thanks to its RCA analogue stereo input with which the device turns it into digital and sends it to the network, thus any BLR receiver can tune in this channel.

To sum up, the new Smart Paging Station SPS 8 is a device that allows, at the same time:

- to send warning messages through streaming to different zones previously selected (Paging).
- to act as an audio server thanks to its RCA analogue inputs. The device can be streaming input audio and, simultaneously, send messages recorded by the micro connected to the front XLR input.

SPS 8 is a unique device since this is the first paging micro and audio server available on the market. Thanks to its function as an audio server, it is not necessary anymore to use a device that works as a server, such as BLM or BLS, for a simple installation. It is enough to install a SPS 8 device along with the BLR receivers required (as much as paging zones). For instance, a small company with 6 different meeting rooms or offices can have ambient sound and paging service with one SPS 8, six BLR 2 A and one PoE switch, without the requirement of additional amplifiers or power supplies.

The new SPS 8 station is also a PoE device, thus this can be powered through the same Ethernet cable. This provide users with a tidy console because the microphone signal, analogue audio information, power supply and signal data travel via just one Ethernet cable.

IP Paging microphone
IP Paging microphone