500 watt power amplifier with 8 speaker zones for 7700 series IP Audio systems.

Standard 19 inch rack design, black aluminum panel and high quality finish and appearance with and industrial grade 3.4-inch LCD for status display and monitoring.

Embedded DSP audio processing technology, high-speed industrial-grade SCM system chip with under 1s startup, built-in network IP audio decoding, and supports TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast), for 16-bit CD audio quality audio signal.

High-fidelity analog amplifier, with 8 independent zones and available in 240W / 350W / 500W options with 100V output. 

1 line (AUX) and 1 microphone (MIC) input, with independent volume control and treble/bass control, still supports local inputs when off-line.

1 channel EMC input interface (emergency audio signal is connected directly, and has highest priority).

2-channel audio output, for connection with additional amplifiers (standard RCA).

Built-in intelligent power management; when there is no BGM or paging power is automatically cut until audio returns. 
Three (3) built-in priority settings:

1) EMC has the highest priority.

2) The network alarm signal has higher priority than MIC, AUX and network background music signal.

3) MIC has higher priority than AUX and network background music signals.

4) AUX and network background music has the same level priority.

Preset VOX mute level function, audio level indicator, protection indicator, standby indicator. 
Standby power consumption is less than 3W.

8 zone speaker controller with 500 watt amplifier built in for 7700 series IP Audio systems

Product Model T-77120Z T-77350Z T-77500Z T-77240Z
Supported Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(Multicast)
Transmission Rate 100Mbps
Audio Format MP3
Audio Mode 16 bit CD quality
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
EMC Input Sensitivity 775mV (Unbalanced)
AUX Input Sensitivity 350mV (Unbalanced)
MIC Input Sensitivity 5mV (Unbalanced)
AUX Output Amplitude 1000mV 2 RCA output interface
AUX Output Impedance 470Ω
Treble Adjustment Range ± 10dB
Bass Adjustment Range ± 10dB
Rated Power 120W 350W 500W 240W
Input Power ~220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 180W 540W 750W 370W
Standby Power Consumption  
Frequency Response 80Hz~16KHz +1/-3dB
Harmonic Distortion ≤1%
SNR >65dB
Output Method 100V constant voltage output
Size 484 x 303 x 88mm 484 x 359 x 132mm 484 x 359 x 132mm 484 x 359 x 132mm
Weight 9.7Kg 15.5Kg 18Kg 13.7Kg
Network Interface Standard RJ45 input
Circuit Protection DC output, overload, over temperature,
  short circuit protection
Working Temperature 5?~40?
Working Environment Humidity 20% ~80% relative humidity, no condensation

IP Network Audio Amplifier, 8 zone, 500 watt, rack mnt

  • Product Code: T-ED77500Z
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $2,199.00 (GST Excl.)

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