IP Audio System management and control software for 7700 series equipment. Installed on a Windows network server, NUC or PC it is a fully integrated management platform for 7700 series IP Audio equipment providing a comprehensive live public address broadcast, bell timetable, and alarm system maintenance and operation, and automatic playback of pre-recorded messages either scheduled or triggered by an alarm situation.
• The core of the 7700 series IP Audio system, managing all the audio terminals, paging microphones, intercoms, broadcast terminals and the fire and alarm interface equipment. It displays the real-time IP address, on-line / off-line state of all terminals, monitors processing state, volume settings and allows editing of most parameters in real time. • Audio stream transmission management; respond to broadcast demands of all the audio terminals and full duplex exchange of audio. Provides terminal management, user management, program broadcast management, recording storing, internal communication management, etc. • Manage program resources, provide scheduled broadcast (bell system) and real-time playback of audio files to all terminals on demand (e.g. classroom speakers). • Provides full duplex voice communication (intercoms and desk mic); respond to and route incoming calls from intercom terminals; supports one key to call, one key to call intercom, one key for help, one key to call (police); setup auto-answer, manual answer and user-defined answer voice prompts for unattended desks. • Import and manage MP3 audio files for use as bells, alarms and pre-recorded messages • Implement various call policies, including call waiting, call forwarding, no answer reminders; and full user-defined setting of time and forwarding policies. • Remote terminal alarm triggers from short circuit input; custom responses from triggers received from remote terminals can be set up to requirements. Available trigger schemes include short circuit (relay contact closure) and patrol alarm (Alarm button on intercom) • Multiple timing and trigger schemes can be set up; Any terminal can trigger different alarms according to a timetable you define. (i.e. out of hours access can trigger a message playback, or alarm) • Timing patrols (security clock-in) with warning lights. Alarms can be triggered by timing tasks or links from other remote terminals and intercoms. • Terminal tamper alarm. If a terminal or intercom is tampered with or opened a system alarm or audio file playback can be triggered. • Power supply management of audio terminals; supports time-controlled power on and delayed power off, with arbitrarily set times. • Fire alarm linkage of all or separate zones; supports N + N mode; and arbitrary combinations of manual alarm and digital alarm triggering. • Management of terminal login passwords and user authorization level and priority management etc. • Management of multiple users and their control level; remote program broadcast management. • 3-wired and 4-wired volume relay control (additional external power supply required for 4 wired volume control). • Control remote reset of terminals, broadcast, intercom, monitoring and recording functions. • Background system auto-start operation. Enterprise-standard server function means the system will start automatically on power-on providing a reliable solution. • Real-time view of system operating state, terminals, paging, intercom and broadcast records. • Compatible with any network structure and equipment; routers, switches, bridges, gateways, Modems and Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc. • equalizer settings for each terminal which can be adjusted remotely according to the operating environment requirements. • Remote control of “play on demand” for audio files in particular zones; i.e. for use in multi-media rooms or playgrounds etc. • Supports signal collection and broadcast from terminals, e.g. for listening exam solutions. • Manage call routing by timetable for unattended desks, auto answer, re-route incoming calls in critical no-answer situations.

IP Network PA and Intercom Software (77 Series)

  • Product Code: T-ED7700R
  • U.O.M: ea

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