The Netbell-NTG-AH15 is a network enabled horn speaker system that can be used to deliver scheduled, or condition triggered pre-recorded voice messages, emergency alerts, and guidelines for schools, factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities for daily communications. It can be used individually or as part of a plant-wide emergency notification system.

The Netbell-NTG-AH15 is built on TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server and specialized software for tones/messages generation and event scheduling in a compact unit. Tones and messages can be activated by sensors, schedules, push switches, or even third-party systems using the RESTful API. It’s an ideal solution for audible alerts where voice paging is not required.

As an all-in-one solution, the Netbell-NTG-AH15 includes a high quality 15W paging horn speaker (Max SPL: 121dB, frequency response: 275 Hz to 14 kHz, can cover up to 8-10K sqft area at a normal ambient noise level, volume adjustable), and a completely wired Netbell-NTG PA system controller installed in a durable enclosure.

Installation is simple - connect the unit to an AC outlet with the provided power supply and to your network with an RJ45 cable. No software to install on your computer, no dedicated PC is required. The built-in web interface provides easy access, control, and scheduling of different tones for various events over the network or Internet from a web browser. The built-in Real Time Clock and user-settable NTP server or your own internal time server ensure precise control over the timing of the tones/messages.

The Applications

Break Time Alerts: Leveraging the integrated web-based scheduling software, various tones or prerecorded messages can be effortlessly scheduled for break time alerts. This eliminates the need for a separate bell system, providing a more efficient solution.

Automated Reminders: The system offers the capability to deliver scheduled reminders or react to sensors, like a door contact sensor connected to one of the digital inputs, triggering prerecorded messages. This creates a proactive notification environment.

Emergency Alarm System: Ensure OSHA/MIOSHA compliance by broadcasting prerecorded or customized messages according to specific emergency situations or routine notifications, to promptly alert employees and guide them to safety.

Notification Automation: Utilizing the RESTful API, the system can trigger prerecorded notifications from third-party systems like surveillance systems or CRM software such as Salesforce. For example, specific events in Salesforce could automatically trigger a pertinent message.

  • Netbell-NTG Tone Generator

    • Web Server: Built-In (All software located on built-in web server.)
    • Event Schedules: Up to 500 Event Schedules (Add schedules from webpage or desk app)
    • Tone/Message Play Duration: User Programmable for Each Event
    • Built-In Tones: 40 Standard Tones
    • Relay Outputs: 2 (Dry contact, 1 FORM C 48 Volt Max, 12VDC/5A, 24VAC/DC 3A)
    • Digital Inputs: 4 (Trigger special events)
    • Audio Output: 1 Stereo Line Output
    • Audio file format: Ogg Vorbis audio format
    • Audio file resolution: 16bit/8bit
    • Audio file rate: 44.1K/22K/11K/8K
    • File storage size: 1G
    • Enclosure: Polycarbonate, White Gray Body/Cover, 125X175X60MM
    • Accessories: 3M RJ45 Cable/3ft RCA Cable/3ft 3.5mm Audio Cable/3ft 4-Conductor Cable
    • Power Input: 24VDC (power supply included)
    • Working Temperature from 0 to +60 Celsius
    • Storage Temperature from -40 to +125 Celsius
    • Humidity from 10% to 80% non-condensing
    • Supported Protocols: HTTP/SMTP/SNTP


    Horn Speaker

    • Active or Passive: Active
    • Speaker Configuration: Full-Range
    • Maximum Output Power (RMS): 15W
    • Frequency Response: 275 Hz to 14 kHz
    • SPL @ 4' on axis with rated input @ 1 kHz: 121 dB
    • Housing: all-aluminum construction
    • Volume control: Screwdriver-adjustable

Network loudspeaker break-time alert system

  • Product Code: NETBELL-NTG-AH15
  • Price: $2,399.00 (GST Excl.)

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