Outdoor horn speaker, 25W PoE, IP Audio (7700 series) for playback of live announcements, bells, alarms, recorded messages in pedestrian  areas, parks, carparks, fields, school grounds, factories and warehouses and other public and outdoor areas. 

•    Compact, PoE powered, active outdoor network speaker
•    Integrated IP decoder plays network music and one-way paging functions in real time.
•    Automatic power management for “always-on” efficiency
•    16bit CD quality audio transmission system
•    Built-in 25W amplifier. Volume can be adjusted via the network.

Model T-EDS7720 PoE horn speaker.

  • Network Interface    Standard RJ45 input
    Transmission Rate    100Mbps
    Supported Protocols    TCP/IP, UDP
    Audio Format        MP3
    Audio Mode        16-bit CD sound quality
    Sampling Rate        8K~48KHz, 8K ~ 512Kbps
    Frequency Response    300Hz~14KHz (+1/-3dB)
    Amplifier Output Power    25W Max, 104dB
    Harmonic Distortion    ≤1%
    Signal-to-noise Ratio    >68dB
    Overall power use    ≤30W
    Working Temperature    5 ~ 40 deg C
    Working Humidity    20%-80% relative humidity, no condensation
    Input power supply    PoE, 30W (IEEE802.3at)
    Product size        325x 325 x 355mm
    Net weight        2.7Kg

Outdoor IP Horn speaker (7700 series, PoE 25W)

  • Product Code: T-S7720

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