CT-800 Stationary Transmitter for language translation / hearing assistance and tour audio headset and translation audio systems. Ideally suited to fixed installation audio transmission in conference and event centres. Approx 200-300 metre range. 100 user-adjustable channels. Up to 13 simultaneous transmitters can operate in same venue. 1/2 19” design. Rack mountable with optional mounting kit. Half / full output power selector. RCA and XLR MIC IN audio inputs. Monitor headphone output with dedicated volume control.
Language Assistant / Tour Guide Headset System / Wireless audio system fixed position short range radio transmitter (200-300 metre range). 600-694 MHz, adjustable frequency. 1 x CT-800 for each language or channel required. Each Listener: CR-711 + EC-75A or EC-18 Earphones

Tourguide System: Stationary transmitter, 100 Freq

  • Price: $690.00 (GST Excl.)

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