An optional handheld microphone for the tour guide or translation commentary if a headset microphone and beltpack are not suitable for your application. It uses a good quality condenser capsule so the handling noise is minimised and the sound quality is superb. NB you can only have one transmitter operating on each channel simultaneously, so if you also have a headset microphone you must switch that off while using the handheld and vice versa. This mic does not slot into the carry-case charger and has a separate charger - HC-30 if required. It can be transported in the HC-316 or HC-330 cases, but the charger (if required) would be carried separately. It might be simpler to use Alkaline AA batteries instead of rechargeables.
SQ-7100 Handheld Wireless Microphone for Tour Guide system Features Multi-function LCD display for channel/frequency, sensitivity, battery level indicator, Alkaline/NiMH battery selection. Rotatable protective cap hides the function keys for fool-proof operation. Power-On LED. Hidden antenna. Handling-noise free with condenser microphone capsule. Rubberized coating. Multi-colour cap for channel identification. Uses 2 pieces of AA batteries to operate. Long operating duration- up to 16 hours. Matching battery charger: HC-30

Wireless Handheld Microphone: 100 Channel, CR-650

  • Product Code: SQ-7100(ATCT)
  • Price: $294.78 (GST Excl.)

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