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60w Warehouse Pendant Speaker, 6", 7.5-60W / 100v

Product Code: T-600W

The spherical speaker enclosure and parabolic shaped reflector combine to create an omni-directional...

$289.00 (GST Excl.)


Product Code: NETBELL-K

The Netbell-K is a compact, self-contained design that was created with ease-of-use in mind. The sys...

$1,499.00 (GST Excl.)


Product Code: NETBELL-NTG

Netbell®-NTG Network Multi-Tone/Message Generator/Controller Built-In Web-Based Bell Contro...

$1,399.00 (GST Excl.)

50W / 100v Music Quality outdoor horn speaker

Product Code: T-710K

The T-710K is a weatherproof outdoor horn speaker with built-in 100v transformer and mounting bracke...

$265.00 (GST Excl.)

8"+1.5" Coaxial Ceiling speaker, 3.75,7.5,15 & 30W

Product Code: T-208A

The T-208A is a powerful music quality ceiling speaker featuring extended bass response, and incorpo...

$79.00 (GST Excl.)

120w Mixer Amplifier, 4 Mic, 2 Aux, MP3, FM, BT

Product Code: T-B120DTB

New 1U 120w/100V PA mixer amplifier with AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth and mp3 player built in. Remote c...

$749.00 (GST Excl.)

Tourguide Transmitter Microphone 2.4GHz Digital

Product Code: DCT-611

Digital 2-way tour guide transmitter for interactive tours. Allow your guests to interact with ...